Pops band in TOKYO!

Shinichi Takeda (Bass)

Fumiko Yonaha "Jona" (Guitar, Synthsizer)

Takashi Kimura (Drums)

Kyoko Ono (Vocal, Piano, Ukulele, Songwriting)



-A friend of the music circle and a good friend. From this time when Ohno returned from studying abroad, he started writing songs seriously as a band.


-Debuted on the 1st single "Boat" while attending school (Shigeru Suzuki participated in the guitar) (* c / w "Rules" became the ending theme for TV Tokyo's "Koibumi 2")

-"Tokyo" released (Masahiro Sayama participated in the piano) (* The song is also included in "Shinjuku Meeting 02" and "Cafe Rock now Part 2")

-Released the album "one". Release commemorative live at Shibuya eggman (co-star / advantage Lucy, cellophane, chiki sounds)


-Appeared in the event "Teen's Blue" sponsored by Undown (co-starring: Kohei Dojima, Suneohair, Kiyofumi Ohno, Murai-an, Double Oo-Telesa, Gentouki)

-"Rhythm" release (* ending theme for TV Tokyo's "Koibumi 2").

-Waffles planning event "Tea song" started

-Appeared in "Kazemachi Flag" vol.2 sponsored by Takashi Matsumoto (co-starring / Makoto Kawamoto, Captain Straydum, Afterimage Cafe)

-Released the album "pool". Release commemorative live at Shimokitazawa QUE (co-starring / Kohei Dojima)

-Appeared in "LIFE SIZE ROCK EXTRA" sponsored by FM802 (co-starring / Totem Rock, HARCO, Aiha Higurashi, Naoki Maezono)

-First full album "cinematic" released


-A one-man live to commemorate the release will be held at Shimokitazawa CLUB QUE. Drum Kimura graduated from waffles with this live

-Appeared in "MINAMI WHEEL 2004"

Year 2005

-Narabe University, which was a live support, joined as a member

-Announced a mini album "orangery". One-man live to commemorate the release at Shibuya o-nest

-One-man live "Waffles Bidet Concert" with 4 PV screenings held at Shibuya o-nest


-Additional bonus track and PV to the independent board "Orangery" and started distribution nationwide as "Orangery + " (* Recorded song "girl like girl" is the ending theme of TBS "Love Brain ℃")

-Released mini album "Kimi no Mahou"

-Held a joint record "LADYS" tour with Quinka, with a yawn and Furukawa Momoko (starting with Shibuya O-WEST, in Kyoto, Osaka and Kobe)


-At Ebisu switch, a premium one-man live "Summer Night Love Poetry" that includes anime and poetry reading will be held.


-Both A-side singles "Lemon Rail / Cloudless World" released

-Held a release commemorative live at Shibuya O-NEST (co-star / ROUND TABLE)

-Both A-side singles "Veranda / Fireworks" released

-A one-man live to commemorate the release will be held at Shimokitazawa CLUB QUE

-Drum Narabe University graduated. Held the famous Keihan split tour "Bitter Sweets Symphony" with POP CHOCOLAT


-Release of full album "ballooner" with 13 songs

-Held a one-man live "Balloon Girl Waffle-chan" to commemorate the release at Shibuya O-NEST. Original drummer Kimura returns as semi-regular


-Started a lunch live "Coffee Song" on a holiday afternoon, centered on cafes in Tokyo. Held alternately with "Tea Song" at a live house


-Held an independent "Coffee Song" tour (Nagoya, Kyoto, Ehime, Tokyo) . A wide range of trials, such as live performances while riding the Toden-Arakawa Line, and live performances at the tangible cultural property "Shumokukan" in Nagoya.

-Appeared in "Unlimited Viewing" at Osaka Music Festival

-Advance distribution single "SINK-AI-GYO / Snow Iced Tea" released from iTunes Music Store

year 2012

-Starting the 10th anniversary year of debut

-10th Anniversary Album " 10 steps (Tempo) " released

-10th Anniversary One-Man Live Held at Shibuya O-WEST

-Released "Re: cipe ", a re-recording of popular songs from the past

waffles, Kyoko Ohno, Shinichi Taketa, Fumiko Yonaha


-Vo Oono appears in a commercial for Hinokiya Housing

-"Waffles 2013 One-Man-Coffee Tea Mix Song-" held at Shimokitazawa CLUB QUE

-Appeared in "Munekyun Arpeggio vol.10 ~ Takayuki Fukumura's 11th Anniversary"

-Guitar Pop Restaurant appearance


-Album "Coloration" released

-Guitar Pop Restaurant appearance

-Harajuku Strobe Cafe holds a one-man "Waff Color Thought" to commemorate the release


-Alternatively hold "Coffee Song" at the cafe and "Tea Song" at the live house

-Guitar Pop Restaurant appearance

-At Harajuku Strobe Cafe, one-man live "Wafuwafu ☆ Request Song Battle! 』Holding


-Appeared in "28th Chartered Library" at moln in Kamakura

-Released Mini Album " WAFLELE " with the theme of ukulele

-One-man operation to commemorate the release at Harajuku Strobe Cafe


-"WAFPIANO-Meeting born on January 29- (Grape's Kitasando)" held

-"Waflele Tea Ceremony " held on the terrace of Sengawa / Mori

-Released the 15th anniversary commemorative work, 4 songs ep " 15ans! Chansons! "

-Commemorative one-man "15ans! Chanson! -Late Autumn Chanson Show" held

waffles, kyokoono, Kyoko Ohno, Shinichi Taketa, Fumiko Yonaha


-Advantage Lucy and 2 man "les coffee song de luxe" Lucy and Waffle "" held at Mahoroza
-Released the 4-track ep " Tokyo Metropole ". Drummer Kimura officially returns (joined to Ah for several years)

-Fuhiro Week 2. Appeared in "Spring Waiting Embroidery Exhibition" (Machida Pario)
-Appeared in "Fu Expo in Yokohama" (Yokohama Osanbashi)
-One-man "Electric Work Ningen" was held at Harajuku Strobe Cafe. Venue limited single release

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Music appointment / provision
Over TBS series program "News from dairy" program original song [2019~ current]
Over Shueiyobiko TVCM "Goodbye, Thank You" appointed [2018~]
Over jumbo Encho TVCM "lemon rail" appointed [2014-2018]
Over Aeon Mall Otaka TVCM "buzz" appointed [2014]
-Staff service WEB movie "My Dream Cider" "balloon boy ~ instrumental ~" appointed [2012]
-TBS series "Love Brain ℃" ending theme "girl like girl" appointed [2006]
Over TV Tokyo "Love Letter 2" and "back Sekine TV" ending theme "rhythm" appointed [2003]
Over TV Tokyo "Love Letter 2" ending theme "rules" appointed [2002]
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