New album "BETWEEN" released

waffles official

2020/12/01 13:06


This year's work is soundly "light blue". The sound is cool and comfortable.

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One of the themes of this work is "pinky swear".

The title of the first song is also "pinky swear".

This year, my life has really changed

Connections with various people

In a year that doesn't go as usual.

I can't see the future yet

Even if I promise "someday"

I couldn't believe "Is it really going back to the original world?"

The sound of the promise seems to be dry.

In such a situation,

Who do you want to say, do you want to say to yourself?

Many words like "You won't lose" have been born.

Pinky swear with my old self.

Pinky swear with your future self.

Pinky swear with someone I met a long time ago.

Pinky swear with someone for the future.

For everyone to live

I think we need something "dreamy".

It can be a person, it may or may not be real,

It's like thinking, "I want to see this continuation, I'm a little sorry to disappear."

Looking at the lyrics card that was made while thinking about the composition of the jacket,

Every song has something to say that is quite consistent.

I thought for myself (laughs)

It ’s not direct at all, and it may be fine, but

I also want everyone who listens to be healthy.

This year's songs and last year's songs are different,

I think that each of them stands out because they are organized together.


The reason why the title was "BET WEEN".

One is that this situation is now

Because it feels like a "pause" until the next era.

It's also in the historical chronology, there are times when it's not included in either era.

After one era, there was a turbulent world, and finally the next unified dynasty was born.

Now it's like that turbulent world, or the "between" of the times.

Even if I say new normal, it doesn't feel new,

An era without a name.

How do you "dawn" this night?

It feels like I'm in a tunnel waiting for the day to exit.

If you have a small light, you can walk for the time being

I feel

The other is

I'm in the middle of the dream generation and the memory generation at this age

That's why I thought.

"As you get older, memories become more important than dreams."

I have heard such words.

Certainly, the dream of possibility is gradually diminishing.

However, it's still a little early to live in the memories.

I think I've come a long way ...

Last spurt! I still don't feel like being driven.

Dreams and memories, looking ahead and looking back.

Going back and forth, the fluffy generation in the middle of life ...

When the age goes up, there will be different scenery and blowouts.

As my seniors say (laughs)

I wonder how it feels.

Anyway, because I can live my age now

I decided to sing the feelings of my age.

I would be happy if there was something that could connect with everyone who listened.

I would be grateful if you could pick it up.