"Tokyo Creative Salon" as a key visual in the Nihonbashi area

waffles official

2021/03/16 11:45


The jacket illustration of "Tokyo Métropole" drawn by Shinji Tsuchimochi

It has been appointed as a hanten and poster for the Tokyo Creative Salon that has just started.

It is a key visual of the Nihonbashi area.


"Omotenashi Hanten" is worn by the tourist information centers in Coredo Muromachi.

Nogizaka46 and others are ambassadors, and it seems that various things will be sent online!

To commemorate the success of the jacket, off-shots during MV shooting of the song that became the motif of the picture, etc.

I'll leave it gently lol

If you like events where you can enjoy various "Japanese", please check it out! 🖼👘🏯🍣🗻

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