While hooking the sweater on the strings

waffles official

2021/02/01 19:52


I'm Kefco

There was a song I really wanted to play, and I didn't feel it at all with the ukulele, so

I've been playing an acoustic guitar for the first time in a while

I'm completely used to using ukulele chords, so I'm confused even with super-simple chords.

But I don't hate this feeling of doing it from scratch again.

I'm drunk

Maybe I like the moment when I'm playing music, like some other creature.

The truth that makes you want to cry because it's so obvious.

What's up now! Lol

The band is that there are friends who can say "Let's play together"

There is certainly a mind that is driven by it

I hope you can listen to my recent favorite songs and songs I want to sing, Chikajika!