Expressions and compliments

waffles official

2021/02/04 13:26


I have the opportunity to talk about complimenting education.

Let's praise the children more and more! The era.

The motivation to work hard to be praised is unexpectedly fragile, so

Ideally, I'll do my best because I like myself.

When you grow up, you don't often get compliments ... and so on.

Adults do their best even if they are not complimented.

In the first place, there is a price for money, for work.


But the day after I talked about that,

Sing a song, it's good! I was sometimes told.

Oh, this is a compliment, lol

Adults are sometimes praised.

That's right, the world of "expression"

Array rice, sorei rice! It made me happy that it was the world of.

(Something different, there is also Solejanai, but lol)

Doing something to be complimented

It's rare, but when you get compliments on what you've done ,

I'm really happy.

I think it's because I feel that they were pleased.

The DNA of being happy to do tricks

Even dogs have lol

Even if you have never done it, if you have a chance

If you don't try it, it won't work.

You should try it.

Things that can be done for the first time

I think I'm happy.

(Specific story will come later 😊)

good! All the tricks in the world that I thought, all

It was also today that I wanted to praise.

By the way, this painting is by a painter named Peder Severin Krouyer .

I like it very much.

A painter with a lot of beach paintings.

I wonder if I lived near the sea