This weekend! First stage (music team)

waffles official

2021/02/15 08:00


This is vocal Ohno.

There's a stage like this this weekend and I'm getting mixed in with the music team!

Think about songs, playing musical instruments, etc. according to the theme of the play ...

It's a very fun and new experience for story lovers.

I'm really happy that I can do new things with music.

There are four, but all the plays are really colorful.

The script is very interesting,

The moment the play started from words, I was impressed again ...

I could laugh at the spices, imagine various things, and cry the big lath.

We are having a day and night performance for 3 days from Friday to Sunday this weekend!

If you like it, please do!

It is a stage that you can watch even if you deliver it from home.

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Satoru Matsuo Kana Kita Tomoko Fujita Hironori Tamaki

Karen Miyama Shogo Tamura Fukuda Tenkyû Tamaki Takamasa

[Planning / Comprehensive production] Yoshifumi Working

[Screenplay] Yoshifumi Working Yoshitoshi Nakamura

[Music] Isao Yoshida

[Place] Ginza Hakuhinkan Theater (8-8-11, Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo)


・ February 19th (Friday)

① Daytime performance 14:00 start

② Night performance 18:00 Start

・ Saturday, February 20

③ Daytime performance 14:00 start

④ Night performance 18:00 Start

・ February 21 (Sun)

⑤ Daytime performance 13:00 Start

⑥ Night performance 17:00 Start

★ Ticket details ★

[Viewing at the entrance]

・ Advance ticket: 6,000 yen (Same-day ticket: 6,500 yen)


[Viewing by delivery]

・ Distribution ticket: 2,500 yen (+ system usage fee 220 yen * common to archives)


② [Streaming +]