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2021/02/20 18:00


SUPER BOWL is over. No, it was fun this year too! (Brady is too strong)

The Weeknd halftime show was also cool. I was watching The Weeknd after getting the previous information that the production cost was 700 million yen, but when I saw the production using the entire field of the last song "Blinding Lights" as well as the stage set. I was mobilizing an erratic number of extras, so I was wondering if it was a considerable amount of labor costs and corona countermeasure costs associated with it.

For the past few years, I've been completely into the NFL swamp, and in addition to the baseball pillars (Hanshin Tigers) I've used so far, the American football pillars (Seattle Seahawks) have increased as a support for my heart.

⚾ [Nippon Professional Baseball] February Camp Inn-April Start-November Season End

🏈 [NFL] August Camp Inn-September Start-February Beginning Season End

The baseball and NFL seasons relay well, so I've found the strongest hobby I can be enthusiastic about all year long! There are no enemies wherever you go.

It's a level that I haven't been able to get out of the beginner's range after watching it for a few years, but regardless of how much demand there is, I will write about American football again.


The introduction has become longer.

Continuing from the song playlist I listened to a lot in 2020, I would like to write a little about "BGM while working from home" that I thought about during the last year.

Middle-aged Takeda has completely lost the timing to enjoy music slowly because he started working from home and lost his music time while commuting to work.

Even if you listen to music at home, if you have children, you will immediately take the initiative in selecting songs, and you will end up with make you happy, paprika, gurenge, or running at night. (That's fine)

The only time I could listen to my favorite music without being disturbed by other people was when I was working from home (when my child went to school), and I repeated trial and error as to what kind of music I could listen to comfortably while working.

At first, I used to play my favorite songs as playlists, but if it was a song I liked too much, I couldn't concentrate on the work in front of me. (Songs with particularly good lyrics are really bad πŸ™…)

Then, I shuffle all the songs I am robot and proud to play my favorite songs on the instrument, but when I listen to the same artist continuously, I want to change little by little.

I digged and digged while thinking about it, and arrived at the "Bedtime Beats" playlist curated by Apple Music.

Bedtime even though I'm at work! It seems that I will be thrust into it, but this is a really comfortable and focused feeling, and I highly recommend it.

It seems to be called Lo-fi Hip Hop as a genre, and each song is an instrument of about 2 minutes, and it is a good salt plum that does not overstate phrases and riffs. It is a smooth yet warm sound image that is gentle on your ears, and it varies from artist to artist, so you can listen to it all day long without getting tired of it.

When I researched various web sites, it seems that it has been a hot topic for about 3 years, so it may be a little bit more interesting now, but if you haven't listened to it, please try it while playing it once. I'm sure it will be a habit.

β–  How did Lo-fi Hip Hop expand?

I especially liked the taste of the artist "oh, the joy." And I was completely addicted to it.

I dig into the web to see what kind of artist in which country, but I'm really curious because there is no information other than the sound source that makes me laugh.

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