Road to Realizing Online Sessions-Purchasing Audio Interfaces-

waffles official

2021/02/28 22:23


Thanks. This is Kimura.

Today, I heard that you purchased an "audio interface" as the first step toward realizing an online session (rehabilitation).


For those who don't know, I would like to briefly explain about "audio interface" ...

Converts analog audio signals from microphones and musical instruments into digital signals (A / D conversion) for importing into a computer.

On the contrary, it is a device for converting a digital signal coming from a computer into an analog audio signal (D / A conversion) and outputting it (from speakers or headphones).

This device is used to capture the playing sound of an electronic drum into a computer.

that? Wasn't waffles' new work recorded using electronic drums?

Are you not using an audio interface at that time?

If you think ... it's awesome!

Actually, at the time of recording, I used another method to capture the performance of electronic drums into my computer. (The story will come again ...)


Anyway, this time

The sound of the electronic drum performance (the sound that can be heard when headphones are connected to the electronic drum body) can be imported into the computer by using the audio interface.

That's why.

Now that you have the minimum tools you need to have an online session, the story goes on.

Next time, "Battle with Latency"

Please stay tuned.