Parenting diary of new dad

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2021/03/15 01:30


Thanks. This is Kimura.

This time, it's a little different from the past, and it's about parenting.

It's a story that has nothing to do with the band or music, but please keep in touch.


I have a daughter who just turned 2 the other day, but speaking of 2 years old, "terrible twos" overseas,

It is the time to enter the so-called "unpleasant period", which is also called "devil's 2-year-old child" in Japan.

As a parent, it is also a time to worry about how to raise a child.

First of all, assuming that there is no absolute correct answer for parenting,

Even so, while listening to various educational theories and child-rearing theories that are circulating in the world,

I think in various ways, "How should we interact with our children?"

The other day, Captain Ohno also mentioned "praise education" in this blog.

This time, even if you say "praise" in one word, what you praise and how is important, isn't it?

A little story.


In recent years, "praising is a good thing because it has merits such as increasing the self-affirmation of children."

That is often said,

It seems that there is a story that if you make a mistake in complimenting it, it may have an adverse effect.

To put it simply, "I'm smart," "I'm good at it," "I'm amazing," etc.

If you praise it with words that evaluate your abilities, talents, and results,

After that, children are afraid that their evaluation will be lowered and will avoid challenges,

something like.

Then what should I do?

"When complimenting, it is better to focus on the efforts, specific processes and actions, not on the evaluation of abilities, talents, and results."

It seems to.

In addition, the idea of Montessori education, which was also talked about by Mr. Souta Fujii,

"It's important to sympathize with and acknowledge what you've done, rather than complimenting it unnecessarily."

It is also said that.


I can understand all of them in my head, but when a child can do something new, where is the previous teaching?

I just reflexively say, "It's amazing!" ..

By the way, my daughter seems to like to sing songs, even during a walk.

Maybe I'm singing that song? From what you can understand to the mysterious song of the cosmic language

Anyway, I'm humming something from beginning to end.

Of course, I'm not going to force my kids to have a parental hobby, but if they like music,

It's up to me to think that I'm happy.