Difficulty in "praising" adults

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2021/03/15 07:15


Mr. Kimura wrote about "praise" in childcare


I happened to think about it again in the continuation of the last time.

I'll write it like a series of diary lol


Kimura-san also wrote it, but children just praise it (laughs).

Complimenting is probably the absolute "goodness" for the person,

A simple compliment is enough to convey it.

I thought about it a long time ago.

When I'm at work in a place with a lot of children

If you were talking to the children who were talking to you

One child said from behind, "Hey, this is mine ..."

Show me a big sword (craft) made of cardboard and origami.

If you praise "Wow, that's cool!"

I smiled so much and left and brought another one.

When I saw it, another child became,

A "praise tournament" has begun, in which about 10 people change and bring their own work (laughs).

If you think that you will praise me, I will do my best to appeal

That was very lovely.


Considering that "easiness of compliment" of children,

Sometimes I find it very difficult to "praise an adult".

I'm not a specialist and I can't have a proper word drawer

I couldn't convey it well.

In terms of relationships, it can be rude.

(It is difficult to praise someone who is in a higher position or who you respect)

When the person is not satisfied,

Even if you praise it, it may be "no, no, no", or you may be afraid.

In the first place, it seems that Japanese people are not accustomed to being praised directly.

I don't need as much as a child,

There is no reason why adults are not happy to be praised.

But because I use my head a little, the "praise momentum" is slower than that of children (laughs)

The compliment also needs a strong will to say, "I think it's good, so I'll definitely tell you!"

Like in a foreign country, "Today's clothes are wonderful!"

That culture that we talk about with the light glue of the first word is

As an ice breaker for "praise communication"

It was around this time that I felt it was quite important.

Pandas also climb trees


I haven't been able to use them properly depending on the theme (laughs).

It's still spelled out on my personal site