waffles's "5 songs I like about Spitz" + extra edition

waffles official

2021/04/18 17:00


Congratulations on the 30th anniversary of Spitz.

It's amazing. I'm really grateful to you for continuing the wonderful music, which is the one and only band with the one and only world view.

Happy to send youth together. The other day, I was interested in the 5 best musicians, so I chose waffles as I am now.


<Vo. Ono>


"It's a serious night, and the happiness that makes me feel like crying continues, even though it's interrupted."

I love the henna henna hero because he's cute, but suddenly he says something strong, so I'm surprised ... There may be a gap like that (laughs).


I really like verses. "HOPE" was the theme song of the drama, but it's a sad song, and in a good way, I thought it was singing "despair" as a break.

I wonder if it was the scene where the last stone was placed, saying, "Thank you, the words break." I can't go back anymore, that kind of scene (tears) that seems to break my heart.

I also like the phrase "I became a person while I was in love". This is the newest song among the ones listed this time.

Koi no Uta

This is a very early song.

"I want to make the reason I was born in this world that I met you", "I want to" is a big surprise. The reason why it's Spitz is that it's not "the reason I was born" but "I want to make it the reason".

I don't think I'm intoxicated with fantasy, but I understand it by reason, but I still want to be dyed in the world of fantasy.


I don't think it's a song to say to everyone, but I don't think there is anyone else who can draw such a cute theme in this direction, and it's just cute. Unfair. Lol

There are a lot of early songs like that, and I like them all, but I've listed the most catchy ones.

First love crazy

Spitz has too many good songs, so I can't really choose five, but the lyrics are so perfect that it's amazing! And, I feel that the arrangement of this song is universal and calm whenever I listen to it.

I dared to list the destined person, Kaede, and Nagisa. (Maybe I like middle tempo)

After singing "I'm going to a strange secret place with you", it's true that "Don't hesitate" comes later by the inversion method.

I will go beyond the feelings that cannot be expressed in words and the meaning of the "table" with the strength of the power to convey! It's too nice.

I have a feeling that words are not enough. It ’s a hidden passion, Spitz laughs.


<Dr. Kimura>

Spitz is in a state like "there are about 30 songs with the same rate of 3rd place", so it's just "5 songs I chose in my current mood"!

Cold cheeks

"Fake Fur" was the album that inspired me to really like Spitz, and my favorite song is this one.

If you want to twist the reason you like it, you can't help it, but if you explain it, you'll be wild, or you can't explain what you really like. It is the song of "1st place".

The beginning of love

Perhaps it's a relatively modest category of Spitz songs, but do you say that this song also touches a personal chord? I can't explain it very well, but I like the soft atmosphere and gentle image of this song.

* By chance or inevitability, "cold cheeks" and "beginning of love" both had a chorus drum pattern that peaked at 8 beats.

(In a normal 8-beat, the snare is hit on the 2nd and 4th beats, but all 4 beats hit the ceiling. In the famous song, pretty woman is that.)


It's good from the intro. From the verse to the chorus, it feels like it's connected quietly, and the melody with loneliness and fragility that echoes in the natural flow is impressive.

I also like the arrangement that the drums don't fit all the time and I keep holding it and start from the second chorus.


This song is different from the previous "Minato", and the verse and chorus switch the glue. The feeling of opening with rust and the melody line of rust are the key points.

Goodbye favorite person (flower * flower cover)

Do you want to put the cover in the precious 5 frames? You may hear that, but wasn't it originally a Spitz song? It's so nice that it makes me think, so I put it in.

It's a simple arrangement with the Spitz section fully open, rather than making a strange arrangement, but the sadness of the original song is doubled by Mr. Masamune's voice.


<Ba Takeda>

For me, I chose 5 songs with impressive bass!


The bass line that overlaps with the synth sequence phrase and sounds like a glittering water surface is wonderful. I also like the emo that harmonizes with the main melody in the place where the rust is "dyed by the sound of the waves".


The swim-like B-melody line is very beautiful after I put up with only the fundamental tone (intro-A melody). The proper use / balance of "static and dynamic" from the bassist's point of view is perfect!


Behind the chorus, your ears are nailed to the bassline that sings more than the melody!


A baseline that drives from beginning to end for 4 minutes. It's amazing that there is no feeling of stalemate until the very end, and I want to aim!

Wandering seagulls are forever

I feel that the strength of the core of Spitz, which is a pop song, stands out even in the bass line that is distorted and rampages!


<Extra edition, Jona>

He said that he was afraid to mention it even though he didn't listen to it enough to talk about it, and Jonah listed five favorite Japanese songs ~

● Happy End "December Rainy Day"

It was a song I often heard when I was living alone as a college student, and the sad scenery healed my heart. I recently learned that "the night of November 30, 1969, the rain near Nishi-Azabu on Roppongi-dori" was the correct answer, not December.

Scha Dara Parr "Summer Jam '95"

The 90's is my favorite time in my life. The atmosphere of the 90's comes out well, and when you listen to this song, you can travel back in time. I miss the days when I edited my favorite songs on cassette tapes and made my own best.

Kaseki Cider "Ciderblues"

The glittering scene of summer comes to my mind, and I feel like I'm listening to poetry rather than lyrics. Anyway, it's a song that feels good to listen to.

Kenji Ozawa "Why we go on a journey"

I like the part called "the light of the universe that reaches from afar". Looking up at the sky, I feel that I am connected to the universe, even when I am mostly active at home.

Fishmans "Unreliable Angel"

I really feel, "What a wonderful story!" If there is someone who feels like an angel even if I am an unreliable person, I feel that I can live positively.


Unexpectedly, I was Oono, who was sick of seeing Jonah's romantic side. (Isn't everyone feeling the same? Lol)