Teruaki Sato

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2021/04/17 18:00


Hanshin is strong!

The music story has settled down, so I was thinking about writing about the unknown demand for the NFL (American football) 🏈, but that's not the case.

After all, the Hanshin Tigers are strong. too strong.

So far, 14 wins and 4 losses in 18 games (as of April 17, 2021). When replaced with 143 games in the season, 111 wins and 32 losses. It's a perfect pace to win. (The worst conversion)

I think the main reason for the success of the opening dash, which is rarely seen in recent years, is that the starting pitchers have a lot of foothold, but as a player who has given the team a new breeze, Teruaki Sato, the golden rookie of the fielder. Your presence is indispensable.

The out-of-field home run against DeNA on 4/9 was really amazing.

Anyway, there are no players who can hit long hits, and for the past 10 years I thought that the so-called "Japanese cannon" was an urban legend, but while watching the broadcast, "Ah, there are baseball players who can really hit home runs." I was in a state of absentmindedness.

There are many people saying that there are many strikeouts and extremely few walks, but even if No. 6 Sato falls in the batting order with a chance, the demon's scoring average batting average (.583) is in the back No. 7. Umeno, who is proud of), is waiting for us, so I hope he will continue to strike out without thinking about connecting batting lines or such small things. (And I want the leaders to have the leeway to continue using it patiently even if the batting average drops)

The hitting speed of 173km / h is too different.

The gorilla-like appearance is also the best. I'm really looking forward to seeing what kind of results I will achieve after surviving the season for a year without injury.

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