Summer I miss LIVE

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2021/07/10 18:00


The cancellation of ROCK IN JAPAN FESTIVAL has become a hot topic.

There are many things to think about, but I hope this is not just a division, but a catalyst for constructive discussions.

Not only live performances but also self-restraint continues, but after 20 years of bandman life, I miss playing and watching LIVE. I would like to introduce a wonderful favorite live video that you can watch on Youtube while dreaming of a scene where you will be able to return someday.

Men I Trust: Tiny Desk (Home) Concert

Everyone loves Men I Trust's home concert video was released the other day.

It's the first time that all the members have gathered since the lockdown by Corona. When I hear that fact, it looks like I'm playing while biting the reunion after a long time, but it seems that no one is looking at the camera and just playing at my own pace. In any case, they are full of personality, and I think this comfort is a national treasure of Canada.

It seems that the tour will start from this autumn in North America, as long as I envy. I am looking forward to my next visit to Japan.

Hazel English on Audiotree Live (Full Session)

2017, Hazel Engish's Audiotree live.

Around 2 minutes 12 seconds to 2 minutes 34 seconds of the first song "Other Lives", the bass approach just before entering the big chorus is a lump of emo, which is my favorite. I like it so much that I repeat it many times. (Since the phrase is different from the release sound source, it seems to be an arrangement for live performance)

Toro y Moi --Live from Trona

Besides playing, the location is extremely nice.

The equipment seems to hurt due to the sand, and even though I had short sleeves during the day, when the sun goes down, I'm worried about the temperature difference because I'm wearing a jacket, and I'm wondering what the toilet is like, but in the United States I think it is one of the best live images that you can feel the scale.


Of course, the live performance of NUMBER GIRL, OMOIDE IN MY HEAD , which was held in Noon at this year's Golden Week, is also wonderful, but I would like to introduce this because Zazen's sharpness was tremendous. The sharpness of the base from 2 minutes 29 seconds is the best.

Taylor Swift: NPR Music Tiny Desk Concert

Taylor Swift --Acoustic Performances from RED Album

The acoustic of TS is supreme.

Recently, it has become quite dignified, but even when I watched the video when I was young, there was no blurring, and the performance with an extremely strong core is wonderful. I would like to see a dome performance with a narration.