The story of winning Rimowa with a bone conduction headset

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2021/06/27 13:00


Hello, this is Takeda.

Since I have been working from home and video conferencing since last year , I used to keep the AirPods Pro in my ear during the day, but I suffered from otitis externa for the first time around the summer of last year. It was.

After consulting with an otolaryngologist, I was advised to avoid the canal type that is left in my ear, and from there I used the over-ear type " JBL Quamtum 800 ". If you use it for a long time, the ears covered with ear pads may get stuffy, and otitis externa may recur intermittently.

It will be a problem if it becomes chronic as it is, and above all, every time I have pain in my ears, I can not use earphones / headphones (= I can not enjoy my favorite music with good sound and it will hinder music production) for the past year I had a lot of trouble, but this time I got a solution that will solve the problem from the ground up, so I would like to introduce it.

My New Gear ...

Introducing the bone conduction headset " Aftershokz OPENCOMM ". Don.

It's really comfortable, and within a few days of using it, I can't let go of working from home.

Since it uses bone conduction technology that transmits sound from the bones on the side of the ear by vibration, it does not cover the ear in the first place = otitis externa is unlikely to occur. Your worries are 100% resolved πŸ‘

It also comes with a noise canceling boom microphone, making it ideal for video conferencing. It weighs only 33g and can be used for up to 16 hours of continuous talk on a full charge, so if you charge it in the morning, it won't hurt to listen to it all day long. it's the best.

However, the sound quality is at a sufficient level for video conferencing. I think it is the limit of bone conduction at present, but I can't expect deep mid-low range and glittering high range, and the range is narrow, so it's not suitable for listening to music at all. (If you can output a great LOW by bone conduction, it seems that it will be shaken to the brain through the bone, which is scary)

There is also a low-priced version of "OPENMOVE " that does not have a boom microphone, so if you are also suffering from otitis externa or choosing a headset to use at home, please give it a try. I highly recommend it.

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