2020 tekeda mix

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2021/02/06 18:00


[Celebration] waffles homepage renewal

I haven't seen you! This is Takeda.

As a result, live activities could not be performed in 2020 last year, and the opportunity to go to see the live will disappear at the end of the Men I Trust visit to Japan in February, and eventually the opportunity to watch baseball at the stadium will be zero for the first time in 22 years. It was a big year beyond Pien. .. Corona. .. ..

Due to the flow, I didn't show up on SNS etc. so much, and I was really shut up both physically and mentally, but I'm thinking of resuming the transmission from the blog. I will do my best as a newcomer. Thank you.


As the annual one-man live venue BGM, I played a playlist of my favorite songs that I often listened to that year. I couldn't hold a one-man operation in 2020, so I'll publish the playlist as the first part of this blog. (Please use it for commuting, leaving home, working from home, and staying at home.)

[2020 tekeda mix]

1. Blinding Lights / The Weeknd 🇨🇦

2. Adadadadeya / Patawawa 🇬🇧

3. DeLorean / toconoma 🇯🇵

4. Time (You and I) / Khruangbin 🇺🇸

5. Southwark / Yumi Zouma 🇳🇿

6. Rose Flower x Native Dancer / yui (FLOWER FLOWER) x Mizoberyo (odol) 🇯🇵

7. 3020 / SuiseiNoboAz 🇯🇵

8. Environmental and Psychology / METAFIVE 🇯🇵

9. Numb / Men I Trust 🇨🇦

10.5am in cairo / oh, the joy.

11. Young Buck / Braids 🇨🇦

12. Festival / Seoulmoon 🇰🇷

13. It's All About You / MUNYA 🇨🇦

14. I Feel Alive / TOPS 🇨🇦

15. By Myself / Maya Hawke 🇺🇸

16. Fruitcake / Subsonic Eye 🇸🇬

17. Top Form / mamakiss 🇹🇭

18. Endeavor (feat. Emiri Kanou) / Iris Bevy 🇮🇩

19. Tennis / Jan flu 🇯🇵

20. Take you / osterreich 🇯🇵

21. Ami / Sakura Fujiwara 🇯🇵

22. Kaede / adieu 🇯🇵

Personally, I had the impression that I couldn't dig up the music as I expected because I had to work from home most of the time last year, and the precious music Dig time I had been commuting to and from work was gone. Looking back, I thought that I had met various wonderful songs, so I made a playlist while listening to each song. (This is the most fun)

I still can't see the convergence of the corona, I can't easily make fun plans for the near future, and sometimes I feel like I'm going to have a long and stressful self-restraint life, but this year I'm spending my time with hope while encountering various music. I would like to come.

For the time being, I can't help but look forward to The Weeknd's SUPER BOWL halftime show on Monday morning, February 8th.