Image training and physical manipulation

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2021/03/30 12:44


Thanks. This is Kimura.

Today is the story of Shuichi Murakami, a drummer who passed away the other day.

And a little talk about "image training" and "physical manipulation".

*** ***

Speaking of Ponta's famous story,

"In my first two years of becoming a professional drummer, I didn't have a stick, just imaging training and breathing."

"I became a professional in just a week with a stick. (Passed the audition for the folk group" Akai Tori ")"


It is said that he used to play percussion instruments (timpani) in brass band when he was in junior high school, so even if there was some groundwork for percussion instruments, the above anecdote was amazing.

If other people say it, it's likely to be a lie, but what's great about Ponta is that he thinks it's true.

Also, "Sing the phrase or pattern you want to hit. If you can sing, you can hit it."

I remember saying something like that.

Certainly, "imagining and singing" is important, but

At the same time, I wonder if it is because he has the ability to manipulate the body to "output by drumming" this "image".

*** ***

From such an anecdote of Mr. Ponta, I suddenly remembered that Mr. So Takei was advocating.

"Perfect body control theory"

This is roughly

"It is important to move your body as you imagined with your head, and if you can do that, then you can look closely at the movements of top athletes and if you can imagine it, your sport will improve."

Such a theory (I think it was).

Looking back at the video of myself playing sports,

It's awkward or different from what I expected! It shouldn't be like this! There is something like that

That's why there is a gap between your image and your actual body movements.

・ Eliminate this dissociation as much as possible.

・ Be able to operate your body as you imagined.

That kind of training is important, and all you have to do is watch first-class play and do image training. When.

*** ***

Mr. Ponta must say that "moving the body as you imagined = drumming" is a natural premise for professionals.


To play more creative and humane

It is important to "sing" and "image". I also thought that I wanted to emphasize that.

What you should not forget here is

Both "exercise as you imagined" training and "image training" are necessary.

The general public is addicted to Ponta's story, "I became a professional only by Imetre," but that is only when I can operate my body as I imagined.

I'm more of an "imagery" -centric person (also called simply lack of practice), so I thought I had to do "physical manipulation training," which is a more premise.

Last but not least, I pray for Shuichi Murakami's "Ponta".