Home rehearsal 2nd ~ 10month cover ~

waffles official

2021/04/03 14:40


It ’s a song from a Korean boy group called Enaipun.

I really like this song.

I sang Korean for the first time!

When I listened to various movies and music, I remembered it without permission

Chongmaru Iroque Hajima-Paris, Paris Nom Nom, etc.

I also like

The word "Pancha Pancha" (= glitter)!

Somehow the shutter sound of the camera is like an onomatopoeia that you can sympathize with

Days of fluttering

Even if you say that, it feels like glittering lol

Click here for the original song!


The lyrics are cute too ~

Even though I grew tall

Why do you treat me as a child all the time?

I know I can't rely on it

Expect me

It will change nicely

To suit you

I just need to admit you

My 10 months love