KMR Recommended YouTube Channel Introduction

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2021/04/10 19:50


THX. This is Kimura.

Today, I would like to introduce some YouTube channels and their videos that I personally have been interested in recently and find interesting.

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The first is the channel of Dr. Capital, an American music professor who loves J-POP and masters the Kansai dialect.

This channel explains the J-POP songs that he loves, with music theory and sometimes puns. At the end of the video, there is a cover performance by playing the guitar, and it is also noteworthy that this performance is casually doing great things every time.

<Miho Nakayama just wants to cry>

Explains how to use fractional codes effectively.

Of course, if you just listen to music, you don't have to know the theory, but it's interesting to know that there was such a mechanism behind the reason for the wonderful sound.

<Shin Takarajima of Sakanaction>

Even with the same riff, if the chord progression behind it changes, the way it sounds will change, too.

The performance is also awesome.

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Next is the channel of Mr. Matsuken, an office worker who likes retro game music.

Performance videos using the actual sound sources of NES and SNES, and explanations of game music are provided.

<There is a Dragon Quest song>

This "Dragon Quest song is there" was introduced in Seki Jam before, so many people may have seen it. I'm surprised that this is all original (not the actual Dragon Quest song).

<Rockman 2 medley performance by NES actual sound source>

It is irresistible for the NES generation.

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And today's final introduction is by Goro Yamada, who is familiar with "Younger photos are handsome".

"Adult Liberal Arts Course"


The channel was opened in 2021, but the number of registered users has already exceeded 50,000, and this channel is a hot topic in the streets.

He explains famous paintings and works of art in an easy-to-understand manner, taking into account the historical background of the time.

In words, it feels stiff, but it's interesting anyway. recommendation.

<Why bare? "Liberty Leading the People" Delacroix>

I thought it was a picture of the French Revolution. .. (I'm not good at history ...)


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How was it?

There are other channels I would like to introduce, but I will introduce them again soon.