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2021/05/15 18:00


The caffeine weight loss life that I have been doing since the last time is progressing smoothly, and my body is getting used to the pace of ☕ coffee with caffeine only in the morning. (If you think that you can only drink one cup, you can taste it more than usual and feel like you are using it for a good time. Is this also a little mindfulness?)

I drink decaffeinated coffee except in the morning, but at first I felt unsatisfactory, but as I continued to drink it, I became attached to it, and now I can drink it deliciously.

If you lose weight further from here, I think that you will be limited to one cup every two days or one cup every three days, but I feel that I am too lonely and I gradually get rid of caffeine. I feel that my mind and body have been balanced, so I'm thinking of keeping this pace to break it down.


By the way, last week, a live video of 🇸🇬 Singapore band Subsonic Eye was uploaded on Youtube of Chicago label Audiotree. I'm really happy that my favorite band is picked up.

🇸🇬 Subsonic Eye / Fruitcake

Coupled with the situation of playing in a university classroom (smaller), I suddenly remember the circle era and my heart gets hot. It's like going out of the circle from here and playing at Shibuya O-nest or Shimokitazawa CLUB Que. It's youth. Isn't it the best?

This time, this Subsonic Eye is the " Audiotree Worldwide " series, which is a series that collects recommended artists from countries other than the US, but since there are no other cool mistakes, I would like to introduce some of them this time.

🇨🇦 The Blue Daisies

A band formed by students from the University of British Columbia in Canada, influenced by the Japanese GS. The sweet singing style fits well, and the lyrics are all in Japanese, and I feel respect for GS. The first song "Happu Fugu" 🐡 is wonderful.

🇨🇦 Atsuko Chiba

I thought it was Japanese from the artist name and played it, but there were no Japanese at all. (There are no members who seem to be Atsuko-san) I was just surprised by the gorgeous and cool math rock band. It's the best one to watch while drinking beer from noon at Summer Sonic's SONIC STAGE.

🇮🇳 aswe keep searching / B-303

Simple and cool post-rock from the intro, and when the song goes in there, it feels like an exquisite masala!

Unexpected eating together becomes a habit. I feel the depth of India.

🇷🇼 The Good Ones / Rwanda, You Should Be Loved

Africa is Rwandan street music. The melody that is simply spun with the acoustic guitar narration + chorus touches the chords irresistibly, and tears are about to come out.

The message of "You Should Be Loved" sung by them, who have a slaughter or a sad past, is inspiring.

By the way, the chorus man is wearing Jersey from the NFL 🏈 Baltimore Ravens. (Although Joe Flacco [see header image] with uniform number 5 is no longer on the team)

In addition to the wide base of NFL fans, the wide field of view of Audiotree, which finds artists up to Rwanda, is really amazing.


🇺🇸 Slow Pulp / Track

Audiotree isn't limited to Worldwide, but the " Audiotree Far Out " series, which was recorded live outside the studio, is also wonderful. The latest Slow Pulp antique general store live is also wonderful.

waffles also reminds me of the used clothing store THE THREE ROBBERS in Asakusa and the in-store live held at Gake Shobo in Kyoto in the past. I miss you.