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2021/05/29 18:00


GRAPEVINE's new album "New Fruit", which was just released the other day, was wonderful!

I played it casually from the list of new subscription songs, but I was grabbed by the first song "Nezumi Jodo" and listened to 10 songs at once. For the album title "New Fruit", the jacket is a picture of a dark fruit, and the lyrics that gouge the world are impressive, so it can be said that it is a masterpiece that would not have been born without the Corona disaster. Natalie's interview was also very interesting.

GRAPEVINE / Nezumi Jodo

GRAPEVINE / The alarm never stops ringing


The profound feeling of Gifted makes me want to immerse myself forever. It would be great if I could listen to it live.

The band who has accumulated a career continues to update without flirting with the times, and it is the weight of releasing this work now. A world that can only be drawn by the veteran GRAPEVINE. The one and only feeling. I yearn for it.


Speaking of veterans, there was an impressive scene in baseball.

The first Koshien triumphant return after Toritani's transfer, a timely hit with a pinch hitter. I can really cry because all the Hanshin fans are cheering even after being struck.

The Hanshin Legend showdown between Toritani and Nomi was also exciting.