Common points of favorite heroines

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2021/05/30 17:09


This is Kefco.

I'm still seeing various works here and there

These two books, in which "girls longing for girls" play an active role, were especially the best.

Beth of "Queen's Gambit"

A story about her childcare institution going up to the world with chess taught by a janitor.

I've only played chess since I was little

I was living the last-minute life of a precocious genius

For her, chess was a "communication tool."

The end and the end are refreshing and refreshing.

You can see it crisply in 1 series, you can enjoy it without knowledge of chess,

It was such a good work that I regret that I hated it even though it was popular.

And the strongest favorite drama

"Unique life / ATYPICAL" hero's sister Casey

Casey is impatient, but that's super attractive.

I like how it looks, but I also really like "a little dull English pronunciation".

If I'm a man, I'll definitely fall in love with it. You can understand Evan's feelings.

But this drama is all human-like

Casey isn't perfect either.

Still, from "whether it is out of morality or common sense"

You long for "a person who can move with his own emotions and ruler".

Anyway, this drama is the best other than Casey.

The main characters are all weird, sometimes clunky, but not sissy, dear.

A drama that cried after a long time. Currently twice.

Page of the graduation ceremony and Sam's drawing of a penguins.

Clumsy, lovable and crying, oh why can I write such a human drama overseas!

I can't wait for the next season ~

What these two lovely girls have in common is

・ Exciting

・ Life-size fashionable

・ Strong sense of justice

・ It's a little blown away

・ Don't be disappointed

・ Do not flirt

・ Straight to the purpose

It's dangerous to list them, but

The danger may be contrary to the charm.